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Nitro, WV High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is never simple—even couples with minimal assets and no children still have to jump through several hoops to dissolve their marriage legally. When a couple has a complex portfolio of substantial assets and income streams, this process becomes even more challenging. High-asset couples have to face all of the same issues that other couples do, plus a handful of others that never come up in most divorce cases.

If you and your partner have substantial assets and are divorcing, you need the help of a high-asset divorce attorney in Nitro, WV. The team at Pence Law Firm can help you navigate your legal options and figure out how you’d like to proceed. Call us at 304-407-7852 to set up a consultation right away.

Important Considerations in High Asset Divorces

As you prepare to begin working through the issues of your divorce, keep in mind that you and your ex will need to address a variety of emotional and high-stakes issues. Bringing in an attorney right away can help you avoid explosive fights that could set negotiations back. Perhaps one of the most important parts of a high-net-worth divorce is properly identifying and assessing your marital assets and debts.

High-asset couples aren’t generally limited to one or two types of assets and income streams. Their wealth is generally spread across numerous investments, pieces of real estate, businesses, and personal property. If you fail to identify and value these assets properly, you could walk away from your marriage with far less than you deserve.

Furthermore, the division of property is a key factor in how much spousal support is awarded. While some high-asset marriages involve two high earners, many are characterized by the presence of one high-earning individual and one who either earns less or is a homemaker. Spousal support is commonly awarded in these cases, and you want to ensure that your division of assets sets you up for success.

You’ll also need to think about the child-related aspects of your split. These are often the most emotionally draining parts of a divorce, and high-net-worth couples have complicating factors to consider. If one parent has a demanding work schedule and the other has been a stay-at-home parent, the divorcing couple will need to negotiate a schedule that allows the child to retain some sense of normalcy while still getting meaningful time with their working parent.

For some couples, the best arrangement is a 50/50 split—for others, it’s an arrangement where one parent has primary custody and the other has regular visitation. Child support in high-asset divorces is often significantly higher. Children who grow up with high-income parents may have expensive extracurricular activities or other financial needs that must be accounted for with child support.

Exploring Solutions for Your High-Asset Divorce

Every divorce is unique, and it’s important to consider solutions that meet your individual needs and the specific circumstances of your split. Going for litigation right off the bat is generally not the best option—it’s expensive and time-consuming, and if you have children with your ex, litigation can destroy your chances at effective co-parenting. Instead, we often begin with informal negotiations and mediation. Informal negotiations allow both attorneys to advocate for their clients on the issues that matter most to them.

If you and your ex-partner are ending your marriage on amicable terms and are committed to co-parenting, a collaborative divorce is one option to explore. It essentially turns the conventional adversarial approach to divorce on its head. Collaborative divorce allows the couple to work together to find mutually beneficial solutions on issues like child custody, spousal support, child support, and the division of assets.

A collaborative divorce is generally not a viable option if there is any history of abuse or manipulation, or if the divorcing couple’s relationship is so contentious that they cannot agree on anything. Collaborative divorce requires significant cooperation and communication but can be extremely rewarding for those who make it work.

Unfortunately, negotiations and mediation are not always enough. Litigation may be the only option when one or both spouses dig their heels in and do not want to compromise. Should your divorce be headed for litigation, know that we will fight for you as hard in the courtroom as we do at the negotiating table. Our sole priority is what is best for you.

How Pence Law Firm Can Help You

The team of high-asset divorce attorneys at Pence Law Firm knows that our clients deserve the best. The decisions and rulings made in your divorce will affect your life for years and decades to come, determine the level of financial stability you have as a newly divorced person, and affect how much time you have with your children. We are here to listen to your priorities, figure out the best approach for your case, and advocate for you fiercely every step of the way.

We understand that your privacy is likely a top concern for you as you navigate divorce. Our team respects your privacy and will strive to reach confidential agreements via mediation or negotiation whenever possible. We will utilize various collaborative methods to encourage open communication between you and your ex to find stress-free solutions. When that is not possible, you can rest easy knowing that we will fight for what matters most to you in court.

Throughout this process, you can lean on our legal team for the support, guidance, and specialized advice you need. We know all too well how painful this time may be for you, and we want to help you as you figure out how to move forward.

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