Viewing Divorce as a Growth Experience

Viewing Divorce as a Growth Experience

No one gets married with a plan to divorce in the back of their mind, but divorce is the reality for nearly half of all American couples. While it’s normal to grieve the end of your marriage and the dreams you had for it, divorce can also be a fresh new beginning. Many people give up parts of themselves to help their marriage survive, and the end of the marriage is a chance to bring those parts back to life.

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Societal Views on Divorce Have Changed Over Time

While divorce has never been fun, it’s definitely easier now than it used to be. In the past, divorce was viewed as such a grave mistake and dereliction of duty that it essentially ended one’s reputation and future opportunities. Now, since divorce is so common and no one’s forced to stay in a relationship that does not serve them, you won’t even get a surprised look when you tell people you’re divorced. In fact, you’ll likely find new friends who have been in the same boat and know what you’re going through. Not one do you have your already-existing support group, but you can actually use this experience to broaden your social circle.

Divorce as a Vehicle for Self-Discovery

Divorce can be a good way to propel your discovery of yourself. Think about your marriage—what did you give up? It may be hobbies, activities, or interests that your spouse didn’t like, didn’t find appropriate, or simply didn’t prioritize. You may have put your own interests to the side to support your spouse in their endeavors, resulting in a slow loss of self. This is your second chance to figure out what matters to you and how you want to use your life. It doesn’t even have to be hobbies and activities you used to enjoy; you could discover something entirely new to you.

Setting Yourself Up for Emotional Healing and Resilience

As you navigate this path, recognize that healing is not linear. You may feel great one day, only to wake up the next day feeling like you took ten steps back. That is completely normal, and you want to set yourself up with the support you need to get through the tough days. That means being gentle with yourself when you take a step backward or understanding when you need to take a day off to cry and lay on the couch. It may also mean getting the mental health support you need. Divorce is a traumatizing experience, and many people benefit from professional assistance as they work their way through it.

Creating Strong Support Networks

The people in your life likely want to support you during this difficult time. It’s normal to want to work through it on your own; some people even feel ashamed of their divorce and don’t want to let other people in. But turning to the people you trust doesn’t just help you process your divorce more easily—it also strengthens your bond with them and gives you the foundation you need for this next chapter of life. Prioritize your friends and family members and don’t be afraid to call someone when you hit a hurdle in your healing.

Building a Future You Can Look Forward To

Life without a spouse means that you have room to grow and build a life that fits your goals. You don’t have to make any life changes right now; in fact, experts often recommend that you don’t. But you do have time to start brainstorming and thinking about what you want life to look like in five, ten, and twenty years from now. You can also start planning the steps you need to take to make this chapter the best one yet.

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