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Protecting Your Venture Capital Interests in High Asset Divorces

High-asset divorces come with a variety of unexpected challenges and hurdles that other couples don’t have to handle. Generally, the more money a couple has, the harder it is to split up their assets when they divorce. While a couple of standard means may have retirement accounts, a couple of bank accounts, and a family […]

Does Child Support Cover Your Kid’s Extracurricular Activities?

Raising a child is expensive. Even when you use secondhand kids’ items, choose hand-me-down clothes, and use other resources available to you, raising a child to adulthood costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you add in extracurricular activities, the bill gets even higher. This raises the question: how are extracurricular activities handled when it […]

Are Non-Custodial Parents Responsible for College Tuition in West Virginia?

There’s no shortage of challenges in a West Virginia divorce, and for many couples, children’s college funding is a source of contention. College expenses have increased dramatically in recent years, far outpacing income growth and making college inaccessible for a growing number of college students. It’s important, then, for couples to decide early on how […]

Are Stock Options Marital Property in a West Virginia Divorce?

Divorce can be an incredibly complex and mentally demanding process. If you’re going through a high-asset divorce, you may also be struggling with the division of complex and valuable assets. In particular, stock options awarded as part of one spouse’s employment or their role as an executive officer can be difficult to divide fairly. If […]

The Growing Issue of Cryptocurrency During a Divorce

While cryptocurrency has brought an entirely new group of investors to the world of finance and provided new investment opportunities, it has also made a number of issues more complicated. In particular, divorce can be especially challenging when one party invests a substantial amount of money in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is naturally harder to track than […]

The Role of a Forensic Accountant in a High Asset Divorce

High-asset divorces are considerably more complicated than standard divorces. The more money and assets a couple brings to the table, the more work it generally is to sort them out fairly. It’s particularly complicated when there are numerous income streams that are difficult to track, hidden assets, and assets that fluctuate significantly in value. That’s […]

Viewing Divorce as a Growth Experience

No one gets married with a plan to divorce in the back of their mind, but divorce is the reality for nearly half of all American couples. While it’s normal to grieve the end of your marriage and the dreams you had for it, divorce can also be a fresh new beginning. Many people give […]

Should I Agree to Pay Above the Child Support Guidelines?

It’s no secret that children are expensive, and when a West Virginia couple divorces, the higher-earning party often has to chip in more to ensure that their children’s needs are met. But what if the child support guidelines laid out by the state still don’t meet the child’s needs? If you’re considering paying above and […]